Ara坎特伯雷理工学院/Ara Institute of Canterbury

    课程名称: New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 1)
    学费:$9,270 NZD Per Year
    授课校区:Timaru Campus

    Course details


    The New Zealand Certificates in English comprise of six English language programmes from foundation beginner through to advanced level.

    These programmes give you the language skills and knowledge useful for living and working in New Zealand.

    This programme enables you to communicate with support in basic, familiar and everyday situations.

    This programme is full time 6 months and consists of 18 weeks of intensive learning.

    Programme structure

    To complete this Certificate you are required to complete a minimum total of 60 credits. To be a full time student you need to maintain a workload of 120 credits per year. We recommend you talk with us to ensure you choose electives to benefit your future career.


    Successful completion of this programme will give you the confidence to communicate effectively in the English language. From level 3 upwards, you may choose to study a workplace or professional qualifier, which may be used as evidence of English language level when seeking employment.


    This certificate leads to further study at level 2.

    Once you complete the certificate at level 3 or above you may meet the language requirements for other programmes of study.

    Entry criteria

    Academic requirements

    This programme has open entry

    English requirements

    There is no specific English language entry requirement as English level will be assessed through placement testing. Applicants who present current and valid evidence of previous English language study will have this taken into account in placement decisions. Examples of current, valid evidence includes completed the New Zealand Certificates in English Language, English language achievement and unit standards, and recognised international English exams.

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